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With Beluga Science you can efficiently analyze your healthcare data and turn it into useful insights in realtime

How it works


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User Access Control and Management

  • Seamlessly manage user access control to specific cohorts.
  • Robust user management functionalities for efficient collaboration.

Epidemiological Insight Generation

  • Evaluate key epidemiological characteristics within your patient population.
  • Identify distribution and determinants of health-related conditions, laboratory values, and genomic biomarkers.

Pragmatic Clinical Trial Management

  • Conduct online clinical trials effortlessly.
  • Specify study groups (e.g., case-control), apply eligibility criteria, and run statistical modeling, including machine learning tools.

Data Optimization

  • Streamlined curation and harmonization of clinical data across various sources.
  • Ensure data standardization through the use of OHDSI vocabularies and the OMOP-CDM framework.

Use Cases


Optimize Patient Population Health Insights

As a Hospital Administrator, you oversee the health management strategy of your institution. Beluga provides you with the tools to enhance patient care and resource allocation.

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Accelerate Clinical Trial Execution

As a Clinical Researcher, your focus is on advancing medical knowledge through rigorous research. Beluga offers you a streamlined platform for conducting and managing large health datasets

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Manage Data, Recruitment, and Patient Identification

As a Pharmaceutical Company committed to advance drug development, your focus extends to efficient data management, targeted patient recruitment, and precise patient identification. Beluga serves as an integrated platform to streamline these critical aspects of pharmaceutical research

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